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    1. Bring competitive 10v10;
    2. Arc Warden is missing;
    3. Death prophet is missing;
    4. Silencer is missing;
    5. Bloodseeker is missing;
    6. Allow me to choose which server I play in (USW, USE, Stockholm, Peru, etc)
    7. Allow me to choose which language I want to play in.
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    There is a a mod that addresses a lot of the issues you listed (and more). You can find it here.

    For details on what's been modified you can go here and view the updates of 12 Jan. Any of the changes that have been made are not final; this mod while functional, is a work in progress. This means that suggestions for further balance tweaks and features will be accounted for and integrated into the mod.

    The problem is getting the first game started. I tried hosting for the first time last saturday and got up to 14 people in the lobby, though not enough to get a game started (20). If you are interested add me. There were some people who were really interested and stuck around the lobby for a while whom I have also added. We'll try and set up a time this week. Or alternatively if you know enough people you can try hosting and let me know how it goes.
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