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Thread: Some heroes don't have rival messages

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    Quote Originally Posted by HMAN911 View Post
    If that was the case for SK, he should have been more like pugna. If you were a spellcaster and then turned undead, why would you be a badass strength hero after death? Although this linkage would be cool if it was made and thought out.
    While it's an interesting though, I remember SK being called a "victim" of a longevity spell, which implies (to some degree) that he didn't cast it himself. One of Invoker's remaining childhood pals (the ones that haven't been vaporized into atoms) could have been the one behind it.

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    I think new heroes have their rival Lines too scattered with single lines for a lot of heroes, which becomes very repetitive If one is fed and just kills his single soundfile rival over and over saying the same line everytime.
    Heroes shoulds have 2 or 3 rivals with at least 3 lines for each IMO it sounds better and fits more.

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    really nice work about es , sf , doom , storm rivals

    but doom , shadow fiend still have no <calling a missing hero>

    did u record the lines ? and are they going to be implement soon ?

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