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Thread: [Suggestion] Restore this paths?

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    Arrow [Suggestion] Restore this paths?

    While in Dota you could use this places rly nicly with just cutting 1 tree down and still be far inside the trees.

    You can see the normal situation:

    Here its shown with cutting just 1 tree AND staying far inside you could greatly confuse your enemies:

    Now u need to use some of the outer trees because the pink path isnt there anymore
    and on the other way you would need to cut 2 times (and u dont have 6 seconds when the enemy is 0.6 sec behind u).

    My suggestion is to restrore those Paths to their normal layout.

    greets Equal

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    I think someone has pointed this out before but I cannot be arsed to look up the old thread.

    Either way I noticed this too, and it's gotten me killed more than once now. It really needs to be fixed.

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    +1 i have seen many great jukes there in dota 1, but far less in dota 2 due to the amount of trees.

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