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Thread: Troubleshooting crashes

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    Lightbulb Troubleshooting crashes

    Every major patch, Dota 2 notoriously breaks 32bit support and whole series of GPUs support (Intel most often).
    It does get fixed eventually, but to accelerate that, use these troubleshooting steps:

    • Verify integrity of game cache:
      Right click your Steam icon while running (in the taskbar) then launch Library - Dota 2 - Properties - LOCAL FILES
      or just click this link: steam://validate/570

    • Clear Dota 2 settings:
      delete \Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota\cfg\video.txt, or
      add launch options: -autoconfig and start the game once, then remove this parameter

    • Add troubleshooting launch options:
      Launch the game. If successful, make sure you are using Borderless window under VIDEO Settings., and skip the next steps.

    • Add troubleshooting launch options:
      Launch the game. If successful, skip the next steps.

    • Manually launch the Dota 2 executable, either the 32bit or the 64bit version. On Windows:
      .. \Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win32\dota2.exe
      .. \Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64\dota2.exe

      You can still add launch options if you create direct shortcuts and appending them after the target executable name. If successful, skip the next steps.

    • At this point, you should verify your system:
      - check that other games are working fine and run 3dmark 06 / Vantage / 11 loops
      - check Programs Which May Interfere with Steam and disable/remove any that you might have installed
      - disable/remove overclocking software, specially RivaTuner Statistics Server that's bundled with MSI Afterburner
      - disable/remove OSD-software like Overwolf/Razer stuff/Mumble/Teamspeek
      - update your GPU driver (do it for the onboard one even if you don't use it) Intel, AMD/ATI, NVIDIA

    • Describe your hardware and operating system, preferably in machine-generated form, not written by hand or screenshot.
      On Windows, dxdiag command provides all that (click Save all information... button then attach the output file) - or even better, use list_my_programs.bat - hit download, run it, attach the resulting output file from your Desktop.
      On Linux, you could use hardinfo. On Mac, you could use profiler.

    • Dota 2 automatically saves detailed crash reports in one of these locations:
      .. \Steam\dumps\*.dota2*.dmp
      .. \Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win64\dota2*.mdmp
      .. \Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\bin\win32\dota2*.mdmp

      Sort by date, ignore 0-size files, grab the more recent ones, archive(zip) them, and attach to your forum post or upload somewhere and share the link.

    • If crash dumps are unavailable:
      At least provide video.txt, machine_convars.vcfg, autoexec.cfg from the cfg folder and console output before it happened if you managed to grab it.

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