Some heroes such as Puck and Spectre have sub-abilities that are always present on the UI (i.e. Jaunt and Reality); whereas others have sub-abilities that take the place of its parent ability when relevant (i.e. Cancel Icarus Dive takes the place of Icarus Dive). This has always bugged me due to the inconsistency of it and the clutter it creates on the UI. Valve has stated that they're working on revamping the in-game UI to match that of Reborn; does anyone else think it would be nice to create a standard behavior for how and when sub-abilities appear on the UI? For example: Puck's Jaunt takes the place of Illusory Orb while the Orb is flying; or inversely, Cancel Icarus Dive appears as its own ability. This could also clean up the UI, making it look much nicer.