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Thread: [Suggestion] New Player Report Feature

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    Question [Suggestion] New Player Report Feature

    Most reports are coming from ragers (U SUK I DUNT LIKE U I REPORT U) so why not add 4th report option?

    Reported for 'poor performance' or something. You don't necessary have to punish anyone, just absorb all the invalid reports. Hey, you can even tweak MM to detect smurfs/account buyers with better precision and what not!

    Reasoning: the wast majority of my friends (who get introduced to dota) are reported a LOT, while they're still learning stuff. They're not negative quite the opposite actually, they just want to play the game and have fun. Silent devs must know that unjust low priority can feel quite bad. Brainstorm it with your team plox, it may improve game quality for the majority with very little effort.

    - for active dev dota knights
    i bet u just bad, mm works perfectly, report system is perfect, community decides whats bad, everything is perfect
    I never had any issues with reports myself, out of 3k games (6.4k mmr) I have abandoned 20 games and was in low priority only twice. Then again I was playing DotA AS.
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