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    i have this last quest to interrupt 5 enemy heroes channelled spells, i played zues againts a crystal maiden , and before the game started i only had 4 interrupt left to go , and then after the game ended it only counted 2 interrupts. wtf is going on. please solve the problem. match ID:2153193353 im pretty sure i've interrupted cm ult more that 5 times. but it only counted to interrupts

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    Just keep playing the game if thats your last quest and eventually it will count.. I had the same problem, constantly interrupting dismember, freezing field, teleport, tp scrolls, wd ult, etc.. Probably didn't get all 5/5 until after interrupting 200 times but it was my last quest so it's open and i just leave it selected... Also, I got the achievement for it, complete all 45/45 quest but in my quest paths, it still shows the quest incompleted with 0/5 interrupts done.. super buggy!! had a similar bug doing that save team from dying quest but eventually got it after being forced to play dazzle multiple games... just keep playing like normal if its your final quests, no rush, still got over a month to complete it. don't get nothing more finishing early.

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