Hey, everybody. This is going to be divisive... but Doom's lore upsets me. As a Christian, it bothers me that Doom's lore describes him as the literal Devil. Lucifer, the fallen angel who betrayed God and tempted Adam and Eve to do the same. It's use of Lucifer's name, position as a general and the reference to the "number of the beast" are just too close for comfort. I mean, I've got no problem with Zeus. I've got no problem with Shadow Fiend. I've got no problem with QoP or SD or any of the other quasi-religious characters in the games I play. I get it, writers want to make evil characters and there's no easier way of doing that than associating them with the well-known Judeo-Christian concept of Hell.

... but Doom is a step too far, to me. As someone who believes in Christian teachings, seeing them used as trivial backstory isn't fun... and I'm not trying to justify that opinion. I'm not trying to say anyone else's beliefs are invalid or anything of the kind. I'm simply saying that this bothers me... and after years of ignoring it, I figured I may as well ask once for it to be changed. After all, SF and SD have great original lore that fits them. Doom's could be made in the same mold.

So, to anyone at Valve (or anyone who knows a better place to send this "open letter"), thank you for your time.