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Thread: Request for Doom's lore to be changed

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    Request for Doom's lore to be changed

    Hey, everybody. This is going to be divisive... but Doom's lore upsets me. As a Christian, it bothers me that Doom's lore describes him as the literal Devil. Lucifer, the fallen angel who betrayed God and tempted Adam and Eve to do the same. It's use of Lucifer's name, position as a general and the reference to the "number of the beast" are just too close for comfort. I mean, I've got no problem with Zeus. I've got no problem with Shadow Fiend. I've got no problem with QoP or SD or any of the other quasi-religious characters in the games I play. I get it, writers want to make evil characters and there's no easier way of doing that than associating them with the well-known Judeo-Christian concept of Hell.

    ... but Doom is a step too far, to me. As someone who believes in Christian teachings, seeing them used as trivial backstory isn't fun... and I'm not trying to justify that opinion. I'm not trying to say anyone else's beliefs are invalid or anything of the kind. I'm simply saying that this bothers me... and after years of ignoring it, I figured I may as well ask once for it to be changed. After all, SF and SD have great original lore that fits them. Doom's could be made in the same mold.

    So, to anyone at Valve (or anyone who knows a better place to send this "open letter"), thank you for your time.

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    Yes he represents the devil but what is the exact problem with that? It's not like the lore makes fun about your religon. It is simply copied from the bible (or where he was mentioned first). Also your opinion doesn't really matter. I don't mean that in an offensive way but imagine if everything had to be changed because someone feels offended about the lore.

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    I've got no problem with QoP or SD or any of the other quasi-religious characters in the games I play.

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    I read Doom's lore and religion-wise, there could be much more issues with Zeus.

    I mean, Greek people could be upset, too, for using and making fun of their mythology and representing their father of gods as Super Mario with grey hair. I mean, he even has a taunt when he jumps up and gets a coin for it.

    Why are you not OK with Doom, if you are OK with Zeus? It doesn't really make sense to me.

    And also, LITERALLY NO ONE AT ALL cares about Lore nowadays. It is literally the easiest thing to ignore in the game. I only know Visage's story because he's my favorite and I wanted to read that one, but other than that, I don't care. It's so hidden that if you don't want to read it, you simply won't read it. It's not that you can't play a hero without specifically learning his lore. And if a thing like this bothers you, it's only your own fault. You can't just tell everyone on the internet if you disagree with something they wrote. Just ignore it and move on. It's foolish to let something bother you that you can't do anything about.
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    Don't worry. I used to work for ActiBlizzard and we had a similar complaint which involved Tracer representing a faulty image of young womens' physique.
    I'll take the same approach in fixing your issue.
    As seen below:

    Lucifer is no longer involved with Christianity. His new name is Luci-Al Demoni , he is now Islamic demon that hides in a burka and now his lore reflects on the danger with trusting people you cannot see, aka the old folk tale; ghosts under clothing!

    You have been mahkum!

    I hope you can commend me for my efforts as I have deflected Lucifer away from Christianity as far as possible.
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