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Thread: [Suggestion] Solo-only queue for Match-Making

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    Lightbulb [Suggestion] Solo-only queue for Match-Making

    I know this is a team game, but there are times when everyone que's solo!!!!!!

    There is nothing worse than having a team of all solo pubbers get curb stomped by a premade.

    I think this is crucial to having more even balanced and fun games.

    Here are some points.

    -You can't say soloer's are anti social or should find friends. Maybe we have 5 friends that play but none of them are on.

    -I know some people from dota 1 and HoN, that only play when "said" friend is on, because they carry the crap out of them. In return their rating is very off for their MMR, or ELO in actuality.

    -For people that solo a lot or mostly this will make the game much more enjoyable. If you lose, it is because, well you lost. Not because the other team was a premade group of 5 that was ready to stomp.

    -If you disagree with a solo only que, you are probably one of the bads that only MM with your four friends, and live off the solo players on the other team.

    -If a soloer gets grouped with a team of 4,3 etc. You most assuredly get blamed or flamed (if the game is going bad) by your OWN team, because you are naturally the outcast on your team from the start, even if you are clearly the best player on the team. The other four simply are friends and will gang up on you.

    -It stops a whole team of friends saying, Hey lets downvote and report that Lina, I didn't like her she ks'ed me once. And then boom 4 quick reports because they are together, even though it is unwarranted.

    -It promotes More teamplay IMHO, for the simple fact that it is fair on both sides and playing as a team is as important as ever. Of course the 4 friends are going to play as a team, they are all on vent, or skype and have their lane combos already picked out, etc.

    Quite simply, I think it fixes so many griefs and frustrations, by having a solo only que.

    Icefrog/Valve I hope you seriously consider this option.

    Edit : If a team of 4 que's obviously a solo player must be pulled, but it would dramatically cut down on the team stomps of teams of 5 or 4 stomping 5 solo pubbers.
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    Sounds resonable, +1

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    +1 for solo MM

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    +1 for this. even as team it's much for fun to play against another team as there is more chance for a fun and even game.. if the search takes too long tho, I think the matchmaking should mix teams and solos

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    then how are you supposed to play if you are a party of 4? you'll never find that +1 because he'll always be on the solo only q.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xezko View Post
    then how are you supposed to play if you are a party of 4? you'll never find that +1 because he'll always be on the solo only q.
    Exactly, solo queue will never exist because Dota doesn't have a 1v1 competitive option that is taken seriously. Games should never implement an option that segregates the community from playing together. You don't like playing Solo because you always feel you're being matched up against a pub stomp right? Did you know there are hundreds of channels that exist purely to find MM partners who are otherwise "soloing" so they can play with somewhat less than stranger groups?

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    NEED solo MM
    In MatchMake preference you can choose to play in solo or mix solo/team PUB

    "Points" gained for winning a game should be decreased with the number of friends

    example: 5 friends playing together win 1 points each for winning a game
    4 friends playing together win 2 points each for winning a game
    alone win 5 points
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    -1 i guess
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    I believe a better way of solving this "problem" would be not to create a solo queue but to create a 5-man queue (cm mode by default would be nice)

    Also make it easier to find extra team members before the matchmaking begins. Let's say you are playing with just 1 friend.. You click some "find team" button that would suggest you a 3-stack to join you. After both "leaders" accept you became a party of 5 and you can talk on the chat, exchange some ideias about strats or simply click on the find match and start matchmaking. Of course 5-man-stacks would have inflated "rank" when matched against 3+2-stacks to keep things balanced


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    party, non-party (solo), and competitive (cm 5v5) match makings. Problem solved.

    No rush. Valve has done a great job so far. These kind of non-crucial things can wait until later in the beta.

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