1. Pick Enchantress and level up Enchant
2. Create an enemy Lycan, level up Feral Impulse (the passive ability) and give him a Manta style
3. Cast Manta Style
4. Cast Enchant on one of Lycan's Manta illus

Result: The Feral Impulse aura does not affect Enchantress and her units.

Expected: The aura is supposed to affect every unit under the owner's control within its radius. So it should affect Enchantress and her units.

Note: This works fine when creating an illusion of Lycan by yourself (e.g. Morphling, when he Replicates a Lycan, Morph and his units are affected by Feral Impulse. Same for Shadow Demon with Disruption and Terrorblade with Reflection illus of Lycan).

In the video, you can see illusions made of Lycan work fine. But illusions taken over by Enchant don't. You can also see that the Lycan's Drums aura works properly (Ench gets affected by it while owning the illu).