1. Pick Lycan and level up Summon Wolves, or Invoker and invoke Forge Spirits, or any hero and get Necronomicon
2. Create an enemy Enchantress, Chen or Lifestealer and level up Enchant, Holy Persuasion or Infest, or give them Helm of the Dominator
3. Cast Summon Wolves, Forge Spirit or Necronomicon to summon the summons
4. Cast Enchant, Holy Persuasion, Infest -> Control or Dominate on the summons
5. Re-cast Summon Wolves, Forge Spirit or Necronomicon

Result: Inconsistancy: Lycan wolves are only killed if under Lycan's control. Forged Spirits and Necro summons are always killed on recast, no matter who owns them currently.

Expected: Consistancy. Either make Lycan wolves always die, regardless of who owns them currently, or make Forged Spirits and Necro units only die if under the orginally summoning player's control.