1. Pick Enchantress and level up Enchant
2. Create an enemy Chen or Lifestealer and level up Holy Persuasion or Infest, or any hero and give it Helm of the Dominator
3. Enchant an enemy creep with Enchantress
4. Now, cast Holy Persuasion, or Infest -> Control, or Helm of the Dominator's Dominate on the same creep
5. Now, cast Enchant on the same creep again, in attempt to steal it back

Result: When you cast Enchant on a creep which you enchanted before, but was stolen by an enemy, you only refresh its duration back to 1:20 and does not take control over it. You are spending mana and cooldown to refresh the duration of a creep for an enemy...

Expected: Enchant should take control over it, and not refresh its duration.

Possible solution: Currently, the spell seems to only check if the target has the "modifier_enchantress_enchant_controlled" modifier (and if it's a creep or illusion), and if it does, it refreshes the duration. Make it also check the player the target belongs to. If target has modifier and is a creep or illusion and belongs to caster, refresh duration, else take control over it.

Extra: As you can see in the video, enchanting an enemy enchanted creep works fine. It takes over the enchanted creep, and doesn't refresh its duration.