1. Pick Earth Spirit and level up Geomagnetic Grip
2. Create an enemy Rubick and Spell Steal Geomagnetic Grip
3. Place a Stone Remnant
4. Cast Geomagnetic Grip on the Remnant with Earth Spirit
5. While the Remnant is being pulled, cast Geomagnetic Grip on the remnant with Rubick

Result: Rubick's cast does not pull the remnant to himself, still moving towards Earth Spirit. But the remnant now silences/damages Rubick's enemies and no longer silences/damages Earth Spirit's enemies.

Expected: Rubick's cast on the remnant (or unit) should cancel Earth Spirit's pull completely (aoe damage, aoe silence and movement towards Earth Spirit) and the Remnant should start moving towards Rubick, damaging and silencing Rubick's enemies.