1. Pick Morphling and get Aghanim's Scepter
2. Also level up to 25 and morph all your strength into agi (this makes the bug much more noticable)
3. Create an allied Phantom Lancer and max out Juxtapose
4. Create a Hybrid illusion of the Phantom Lancer
5. Make the Hybrid PL attack an enemy until a Juxtapose illusion spawns
6. Now attack an enemy with the Juxtapose illusion until it spawns Juxtapose illusion

Result: The Juxtapose illusions spawned by the Hybrid PL itself are fine, they have the correct stats (equal to the Hybrid, whos stats are equal to Morphling's). However, Juxtapose illusions of Juxtapose illusions of the Hybrid use PL's stats (str agi int), but use the Hybrid illus hp/mana.

Expected: No matter how deep we go (inception), all Juxtapose illus should always have the same stats as whoever spawned them. The Jux illu spawned by Hybrid illu copies the Hybrid's stats, the Jux illu spawned by the jux illu spawned by Hybrid copies that jux illu's stats, etc.

Kind of difficult to explain, but a video can show exactly the bug.

As you can see, the Jux illu spawned by the Hybrid illu properly copied its attributes. However, the Jux illu spawned by that Jux illu has PL's stats, instead of the Hybrid's, but it's current hp/mana equal to the current hp/mana of the Hybrid illu.