Chaos Meteor max travel distances on each level are:


So it increases by


It would make much more sense if its base distance would be 320 and each elvel of Wex give 150 distance. We would then have


The formula would be 320 + (150*Wex lvl) (every ability of invoker is basically like this, base value + x*level of quas/wex/exort)

(also, currently the tooltip says 465/615/780/930/1095/1245/1410/1575, which is completely wrong)

And now to Aether Lens. Currently, Aether Lens increases the max distance to


So it increases it by


The difference between each level with Aether Lens is 150. Yes, the distance per level of Wex is consistantly 150 when having Aether Lens.

With the current default length, Aether Lens should increase it to


If the first 2 levels of the default range get fixed, it would be