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Thread: [Confirmed] Stone Remnants placed by illusions do not disappear & can be attacked

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    [Confirmed] Stone Remnants placed by illusions do not disappear & can be attacked

    1. Pick Morphling and get Aghanim's Scepter
    2. Create an allied Earth Spirit
    3. Create a Hybrid ilusion of Earth Spirit
    4. Place Stone Remnants with the Hybrid illusions
    5. Wait

    Result: The stone remnants placed by the illusions will not disappear. After their timer runs out, they turn attackable and just stand there. They still can be used by all of Earth Spirit's spells normally.

    Expected: Stone Remnants disappear fully after expiring.

    Note: This seems to happen when the source ability is no longer present. It works fine when the illusion is still alive as the remnants expire.

    Extra: This bug also applies to Fire Remnants. When the ability is no longer there as they expire, they will leave a dummy unit behind, which grants vision and can be attacked. This is easier reproducable, since Rubick can steal the spell and use it. If he loses the spell, his placed Fire Remnants do the same as the Stone Remnants in the video.
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    Hybrid + stone remnant

    Stone remnant created by an Hybrid earth spirit (morph agha) do not disappear after 120 second. The noise of them disappearing is here though.

    And after the 120 seconds there is some weird interactions.
    -they can be used by the basic skill of earth spirit, but they disappear a few seconds after one use (whatever the skill is).
    -they don't extend magnetize duration.
    -they will draw creep (and neutrals) aggro (and a few hits will make them disappear a few seconds later).

    Edits: oops, the bug is already listed as a known bug under stone remnants bug. I didn't find it at hybrid so i thought it wasn't there.
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