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Thread: [Bloodseeker] [Undying] Bloodrage & Flesh Golem can heal units who are at 0 health

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    [Bloodseeker] [Undying] Bloodrage & Flesh Golem can heal units who are at 0 health

    Bloodrage and Flesh Golem do not check whether the target's health reached 0, and heal regardless. This allows them to cheat death when combined with Blade Mail, or frame-perfect timing.

    1. Pick Bloodseeker/Undying and level up Bloodrage/Flesh Golem
    2. Create an enemy Lina and level up Laguna Blade (just an example. It doesn't matter what kills you for this to occur, as long as it was regular damage)
    3. Get your and the enemy's hero low
    4. Get a Blade Mail on your Bloodseeker/Undying
    5. Cast Bloodrage on self or lina / cast Flesh Golem
    6. Activate your Blade Mail
    7. Cast Laguna Blade on your hero

    Result: Laguna Blade reduces your hp to 0. Blade Mail reflects the lethal damage. If this reflected damage kills Lina, Bloodrage/Flesh Golem heal Bloodseeker/Undying from 0 hp back so they survive the killing blow.

    Expected: Bloodrage and Flesh Golem should not be able to save you from lethal damage. When something brings your hp down to 0, they should not heal you.

    Here, a piece of combat log

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