Strangely, this bug was only fixed for the non-channeled Illuminate. The channeled one still is bugged like before

1. Steal Illuminate
2. Wait for Spell Steal to go off cooldown and then steal it again
3. Before the Spell Steal projectile of the second cast reaches Rubick, start channeling Illuminate

Result: As the Spell Steal projectile reaches Rubick, the channeling of the Illuminate continues (but without the channeling bar). Once the channeling finishes or is canceled, Rubick's hotkeys get shuffled.

Expected: 2 options

1. Either the channeling should continue as it does already, but the channeling bar should not disappear then, and abilities should not be shuffled.

2. Or the channeling gets canceled, releasing the Illuminate prematurely, just like what happens with the non-channeled version currently.