Spectre's Haunt's Reality sub-spell is available for cast all the time, even when having no Haunt illus up. This is basically pointless. The sub-spell should be inactive while no haunt illusions of the caster are alive.

Compare it to Puck's Illusory Orb. The Ethereal Jaunt sub-spell is inactive, and is only usable while an Illusory Orb is flying. Reality should do the same. Be inactive normally and turn active for 5/6/7 seconds after Haunt is cast, or be active while you have Haunt illus running around.

The main issue this causes is, when facing against Rubick, you can assure that he can never steal Spectral Dagger (which is usually a better spell for Rubick than Haunt, and he especially rather wants the dagger when Haunt is on cooldown from him). You just have to use Reality after every time you use Spectral Dagger. Turning Reality inactive while having no haunt illus would prevent this and it would be consistant with other spells with sub-spells.