In the name of the all the DOTA2 community please someone check this guys profile in this match ID 2264989692 . It's outrageous , we had enough of this kind of players, starting from minute 2 to intentionally feeding because some other player went with him on the same lane. As I understood from a team mate this wasn't the first time this week when this guy acted like this. I am a 28 years old student and employed who loves this game maybe too much but the community must get rid of this kind of players. I can stand any more that in my free time to get mad and nervous because I can't enjoy a nice Dota2 match. I worked so hard to raise my MMR from 2.1 to 2.9 in the last 2 months but with this kind of players it's so damn hard. Harder punishments must be implemented, even ban accounts. This kind of players makes me think of stop playing Dota2 anymore. I beg you ADMIN please make sure the right decisions will be taken against this kind of trolls. I can't even name them players. Thank you very much !!