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Thread: I think its time to revoice skywrath.

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    I think its time to revoice skywrath.

    First off, i have nothing against gay people, i am not intending to offend the lgbt community here. Now, TJ Ramini is an amazing Voice Actor, bristle sounds amazing, but for the love of god, can you not make skywrath mage sound like a gay russian? From his name, he should sound like an angry russian yelling through the mic, not Boris from goldeneye. Fun fact, after i wrote this, i searched up Alan Cumming's biography, the one who played as Boris, and he is gay. What im saying is, Alan Cumming's sexy voice can be saved for a better suited hero that Icefrog might eventially create. Emphasis on might.

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    People only complain about his long quotes, other than that I don't see the issue. He's merely a sensible male who suffers for the love of his life, which I think is ok when almost every other male hero sounds like he lives off testosterone.

    While I know it doesn't address your concern, Skywrath's Korean VA did such a good job with him that I started playing Skywrath just from the voice change. You can give it a try if you get tired of always hearing the same stuff.

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    I hope this is a joke, but I also hope it's not, because it's a really bad joke.

    I can't see why Skywrath's voice should be changed. TJ Ramini did a really good job, his voice fits his model and the characteristics/lore of the hero.

    Not everyone is perfect in the world, you know, it's ok to not like things, but I don't see why to change this.

    At this rate, we can change Bristleback and Witch Doctor's voice as well because I don't like THEIR accent personally. So what? If you don't like your friend's voice, you tell them to change it, too?
    Credits to Phoenix.

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    I don't like this thread, can we change it please.

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    Dude, after what he did (or did not do) during vengeful's banishment, any unlikable, weak voice is justified. Skywrath is the name of a kingdom, a species. Not all Black people rap, not all skywrath should sound angry. And being gay would explain why he did nothing for vengeful: she is just a friend, beloved friend, but nothing more.

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