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Thread: Mouse Acceleration, Speed and Smoothing

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    Mouse Acceleration, Speed and Smoothing

    Hi, Sorry if this has been posted before but searching didn't yeld any related results.

    Currently my mouse responce time feels cluncky and delayed and i noticed there is no option to change mouse acceleration speed in-game(Sure you could change the windows one but per game mouse speed is a treat and needed imo) and enable hardware cursor (i think thats what it's called in TF2 (since they use the same engine)) to enable better responce times.

    Just an idea, sorry for the crappy english and i hope you got my point, if not, reply.

    Edit : ok so the TF2 option is called "Raw Input" and i was talking about the "Mouse Acceleration" and "Mouse Sensitivity" options that are present on alot of games.
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