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Thread: Earth Spirit Rolling Boulder stuck in animation

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    Earth Spirit Rolling Boulder stuck in animation

    Hey folks, cut me some slack if I do something wrong in formatting. This is my first post here. Just wanted to share the bug itself, because it seemed so peculiar. This bug has been reported previously in a different interaction:

    Match ID: 2265567511 April 1st, 2016. The bug happens at around 0:00.


    Earth Spirit (me) starts Rolling Boulder while Magnus uses his Skewer. He doesn't seem to connect with my hero, but a weird interaction begins. I get stuck and can't move. Casting my W again is impossible and so is moving. No other spells seem to be casted that would cause the bug.


    Now this is the weird part. I can't actually reproduce the bug. Connecting the Skewer with the RB will not result in the bug. Sliding by Magnus even with a Skewered hero does also not reproduce the effect. I have tried it in multiple locations without any success.


    ES should be able to roll by Magnus without getting stuck in the RB animation.

    Sorry if I did something wrong or if this is considered a duplicate.

    Edit: first post and already got a typo in the title ...

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    The bug in the old thread you linked is probably unrelated, as that one was easily reproducable.

    You can also see in your video that the rolling stopped too early. From your starting point, you can roll over to the other side of the river when boosted with a remnant. Your roll stopped exactly at the point you targeted.
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