When ground-targeting Living Armor, it automatically choses the next closest allied hero or tower which are not invulnerable, and places the armor buff on them.

However, ground-targeting seems to also register creep-heroes. But it does not place the armor buff on them. Even worse, the spell does nothing at all in that case, wasting mana and cooldown.

1. Pick Treant Protector and level up Living Armor
2. Create an allied Lone Druid and summon a Spirit Bear
3. Target the ground with Living Armor, close to the Spirit Bear

Result: The spell registers the spirit bear as the closest target, but does nothing. Spell goes on cooldown, takes mana and that's all.

Expected: Either ground-targeting should ignore creep-heroes fully, or it should place the buff on them normally.

As you can see in the video, the combat log proves that no one received the living armor buff when cast on the ground close to the bear.