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Thread: Right Click not canceling Skill Selection

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    Right Click not canceling Skill Selection

    Hello Dev Dota, I am an old player on Dota 2 played for about 5 years now and as far as I can remember in Dota 2 when I had a skill selection up ie. I press ' finger of death ' and I can aim it if i had ' Right clicked ' in the past the skill selection would dissapear.

    I have been playing dota 2 but since the latest patch with the hotkey configuration change it has been buggy because I use quick cast and also Manual cast at the same time. When i hold Alt to do a manual cast and i ' Right click ' to cancel the spell selection it now moves me to the spot where my mouse is.. And I am 5k on Aus server. This has effected my gameplay and rank greatly because I Didn't even realise this was happening for so long.. I Was wondering how my hero kept getting out of position or how I ended up there when I had no clue. I only realised afew games later that this was the case.

    Hope everything gets fixed to the old ways =\ not looking forward to pressing ' escape ' every time i want to cancel my skill selection.
    Thank you for your time!

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