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Thread: All Dota 2 GUI Settings - autoexec.cfg reference

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    Sep 2013
    Hi there, thanks for your hard work. I have an i3-3220 with GTX750 and 8 gigs for RAM.
    What launch command for DirectX would you suggest me? Can you please explain what does -dxlevel 101 do?

    I have tried -dx9 and -dx11, no noticeable difference for me in fps or stuttering.
    GL is almost the same too. GL was my best option before this patch. Vulkan is ofcourse a no go zone for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    -vulkan needs shitload of vram to work properly.
    If -gl was your best option before, than by all means, keep using it.
    Personally, I'm not too found of -gl because of the various bugs (higher input lag, particle effects missing) but those might go away now that the ui has changed.
    -dx11 is still the more reliable render, and the one I recommend.

    -dx11 -dxlevel 101 - call it a pseudo dx10 mode. On dx10 hardware like Tesla-gen GPUs - older than 400 series, it still falls back to -dx9 render, but forces shaders to dx10 mode and takes advantage of a few dx11 optimizations.
    I started using it with Reborn, because vanilla -dx9 used to be very buggy and suffered for random stutters, while above mode did not.
    It's still viable even for modern cards, since default -dx9 still suffers from bugs (for example, when using Vsync), and for many lower end cards full -dx11 render will have bug-less, but reduced performance.

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    Thanks for this thread, it helped me find best launch settings for me, after 3 hours of testing I found that using just -nod3d9ex with -high gives me best fps compared to all other options.
    Thank you IceFrog, Valve and Dota 2 team for everything you doing for Dota 2 community.

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    I set VQ_OPTIMAL in the .cfg and it just put all settings to minimum :O
    My rig:
    CPU: Phenom II x4 965@3,4GHz
    GPU: HD7870 GHz
    RAM: 10GB 1333MHz

    I'm using -dx11 and -high and get 90FPS with all settings on lowest. With 100% render quality, textures high and AA I get 80 which then drop down to stable 50FPS hitting 40 min...
    Since I'll get a new CPU when Zen hits the market I just won't bother anymore to get Dota 2 to use the given hardware 100%

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    That's not OK, it should have these settings applied:
    Quote Originally Posted by aveyo View Post
    alias '                                                   VIDEO - D-OPTIMIZER PRESETS:        Potato Low  OPTIMAL Medium High  Ultra
    //dota_portrait_animate 0;//                         [0]  Animate Portrait                      -     -      -      -      -      -
    //r_deferred_additive_pass 0;//                      [0]  Additive Light Pass                   0     1      0      1      1      1
    //r_deferred_simple_light 1;//                       [1]  World Lighting                        0     1      1      1      1      1
    //r_ssao 0;//                                        [0]  Ambient Occlusion                     0     0      0      0      0      1
    //r_dota_normal_maps 1;//                            [1]  Normal Maps                           0     1      1      1      1      1
    //r_dota_allow_parallax_mapping 1;//                 [1]  Ground Parallax                       0     0      1      1      1      1
    //dota_ambient_creatures 0;//                        [0]  Ambient Creatures                     0     0      0      0      0      1
    //dota_ambient_cloth 0;//                            [0]  Ambient Cloth Simulation              0     0      0      1      1      1
    //r_grass_quality 1;//                               [1]  Grass                                 0     0      1      2      3      4
    //r_dota_fxaa 0;//                                   [0]  Anti-Aliasing                         0     0      0      0      1      1
    //r_deferred_specular 0;//                           [0]  Specular                              0     0      0      1      1      1
    //r_deferred_specular_bloom 0;//                     [0]  Specular and Light Blooms             0     0      0      0      1      1
    //dota_cheap_water 1;//                              [1]  !High Quality Water                   1     1      1      1      0      0
    //r_deferred_height_fog 0;//                         [0]  Atmospheric Fog                       0     0      0      1      1      1
    //r_dashboard_render_quality 0;//                    [0]  High Quality Dashboard                -     -      -      -      -      -
    //r_dota_allow_wind_on_trees 0;//                    [0]  Tree Wind                             0     0      0      0      0      1
    //r_texture_stream_mip_bias 1;//                     [1]  Texture Quality                       2     1      1      1      0      0
    //r_texturefilteringquality 3;//                     [3]  Texture Filtering                     1     3      3      3      3      3
    //cl_globallight_shadow_mode 2;//                    [2]  Shadow Quality                        0     1      2      2      2      3
    //mat_viewportscale 0.85;//                       [0.85]  Render Quality                      0.75  0.80   0.85   0.90   1.00   1.00
    //fps_max 60.0f;//                                  [60]  Maximum frames per second            30    60     60     60    120      0
    // Default video quality preset: just enter //uncomment one of the options below (last one will be active)
    //VQ_POTATO;//               VQ_POTATO  = lowest quality with everything off (includes engine tweaks not available in GUI)
    //VQ_LOW;//                VQ_LOW     = low quality with simple lights added so rune spots are highlighted
    VQ_OPTIMAL;//            VQ_OPTIMAL = [recommended] optimal quality with tree shadows added and better terrain details
    //VQ_MEDIUM;//              VQ_MEDIUM  = medium quality with specular, grass, fog, cloth added and  all extra engine tweaks removed
    //VQ_HIGH;//               VQ_HIGH    = high quality with most options enabled except ambient oclusion, creatures, tree wind
    //VQ_ULTRA;//              VQ_ULTRA   = best quality - everything turned on

    You probably did not place/rename the file correctly.
    The easiest way to test if it's working is to open the console (while not in a game) and enter: EE
    If nothing happens, it's not.

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    It's responding to EE and now that I've manually set the options Dota reads them and uses them. I'm using the "optimal" settings but the difference to max settings really isn't that great, ~5fps.
    I don't get it why it's so hard to optimize Dota 2's settings compared to other games like Starcraft II or Battlefield 1. I'll test some more settings with my Windows/Linux dual boot notebook, maybe I can get 100% CPU usage with Ubuntu/SteamOS :/

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    I will revisit tweaking possibilities after I escape this dreadful snow.
    It does look very bad on multiple hw and OS Valve really needs to step up their game and maybe even add a built-in nohats for
    configurations that need it, or at least fix the unneeded networking for so many huge files happening atm

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    This might be a bit ot, but since the command is used in autoexec i might as well ask here.

    The "extra large minimap" option is not saving for me, no matter what i do. Doesn't matter if i set it manually under game options or place the line in my autoexec (i even tried saving it into user.vcfg) - but everytime i relaunch dota the line is erased from cfg and the minimap size is set to default (dota_hud_extra_large_minimap 0).

    Any suggestion (apart from redownload the game)? Right now i have to set it to large every time a launch dota.

    Thx in advance.


    P.S. Is there any way of disabling the stupid kill sound (the "thud" sound that plays with kill message info that player x killed player y)?
    It's annoying as f.... (all i know that its' the "\ui\notification_team_death.vsnd", i can play it via console, but cannot find any command to disable or mute it).

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    Is there any sensible difference in play if I keep the fps at the monitor refresh rate with vsynch? I mean, logically even if I have written 300 fps still I would actually see 60 if I have a 60 hz monitor, right?

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    New option has added in settings.
    //dota_settings_quick_move 0// "Quick Move"

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