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Thread: All Dota 2 GUI Settings - autoexec.cfg reference

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    Hey, so I just did some testing the other day here:

    Someone suggested updating the rate 80000 to rate 200000. So I decided to take it a step further. I would highly suggest you to do some testing yourself if you want to see its effect. Going from a low rate like 80000 to 500000 really seriously changed how much lag their is in game when there is a large group of abilities and illusions going off (think MK ult, naga mirror image, PL illusions, spectre ult AND TB reflection with his illus). I did some tested after that video I made. I normally use 256000, and I blinked in to 20~ TB illu and used reflection twice. I did the same with 500000. In the first it took ~4 seconds to recover from my screen freezing, in the second it took 1 second. It's not necessary but it really does change a lot of how those abilities and heroes affect the game smoothness.
    Someone else posted this: (bandwidth it takes for specific rate settings)
    .5 Mbps rate 62500
    1.0 Mbps rate 125000
    1.5 Mbps rate 187500
    1.57 Mbps rate 196608
    2.0 Mbps rate 250000
    2.5 Mbps rate 312500
    3.0 Mbps rate 375000
    3.5 Mbps rate 437500
    4.0 Mbps rate 500000
    4.5 Mbps rate 562500
    5.0 Mbps rate 625000
    5.5 Mbps rate 687500
    6.0 Mbps rate 750000
    6.2 Mbps rate 786432 - CSGO cap
    6.5 Mbps rate 825000
    7.0 Mbps rate 950000
    7.2 Mbps rate 1000000

    However (I haven't tested this its just a hypothesis) I believe that setting it to the max of 1000000 won't actually negatively affect all that much. The only time this rate limit is ever approached is during heavy teamfight or those slew of abilities and heroes I mentioned earlier. In those cases, I think what would happen is a ping spike or packet loss, I am not sure how long this would persist after since almost every time I've tested this, the spike happened for a VERY short period of time. I'd say at least mention that raising rate will reduce the lag from those abilities and give someone the option to set their own at their discretion.
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    Not really news for me, I have personally been using 800000 (10x) for years, not that I ever felt an improvement, but just because I always had great connection.

    Long time ago I also set it in my shared cfg to 800000 (10x)
    and got plenty of complains about making the game unplayable (specially for custom games where peer2peer matters a lot).

    Then I've added an ultra preset with 160000 (2x) in older shared cfg (the amazing for that time d-optimizer - RIP),
    and people started complaining about the game consuming more bandwidth per hour played, going above their data caps.

    In recent shared cfg versions I've set it to default and also dropped other network changes to a minimum (since tweaking it can either go very good or very bad).

    A bit surprised it makes any/that much difference, since server tickrate, updaterate and cmdrate would clamp it way lower.
    I suspect if this actually works and gets popular, servers are gonna start lagging for everybody like mad.
    Higher rates need higher server tickrate, period. Without it, it must be something wrong, or the server cvars have changed?
    In any case, it needs proper testing in the real world with actual human peers, not an empty server with bots.

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