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Thread: Time out disconnect

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    Time out disconnect

    Hi there,
    I'm a custom game dev and i recieved a complaint about people being timed out and disconnected on one of my maps.

    The funny thing is that this person says that they (him and a couple of friends) played the first map of the addon fine, but one or two of them recieve a time-out disconnect on loading the second map. They tried to change hosts and each time it disconnects a different person.
    They also can load that map by themselves just fine.

    Safe to say i coded nothing that should/could result in a disconnect (not really sure if i was even able to).

    Later we try to load the second map with him and the console (i was the host) goes:
    SV:  Client "Emi4a" connected ([U:1:55224313]:0).
    SV:  Sending S2C_CONNECTION to [U:1:55224313]:0 [addons:'562659280']
    SV:  Sending server info to client 'Emi4a' at [U:1:55224313]:0
    SV:  WriteInitialSpawnGroups sending 4 groups
           Emi4a      [U:1:55224313]:0[1]:  split packet seq #0 using 78 fragments (91434 bytes with mtu 1200)
    SV:  "Emi4a<13><[U:1:55224313]><>" STEAM USERID validated
           Emi4a      [U:1:55224313]:0[1]:  incoming timing out, last received 721.361572 [10.37 seconds ago]
    EntSelectSpawnPoint: no info_player_start on level
    SV:  Sending full update to client Emi4a (reason:  initial update)
           Emi4a      [U:1:55224313]:0[1]:  split packet seq #2 using 26 fragments (29776 bytes with mtu 1200)
    --- CSODOTALobby.members[1]: leaver_status: DOTA_LEAVER_DISCONNECTED
    --- CSODOTALobby.members[1]: leaver_actions: 0
    +++ CSODOTALobby.members[1]: leaver_status: DOTA_LEAVER_NONE
    As he's getting timed-out and disconnected.
    What is that and why does it happen only on the second map?

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