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Thread: 6.87 bots item bug

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    Post 6.87 bots item bug

    The 6.87 update changed some item recipes that bots do not buy.
    For example:
    Skywrath Mage cannot build Eul's because sage's mask isn't an ingredient of it anymore.
    Death Prophet cannot build Drum because robe of the magi isn't an ingredient of it anymore.
    Bounty Hunter cannot build Medallion of Courage because it does not need a recipe anymore.

    There are other bots that cannot build, but I was not able to screenshot it.
    PA and Bloodseeker cannot build Abyssal Blade.
    Sniper cannot build Desolator.

    And there are other bots I am sure not building items properly.
    Please fix this, and thanks in advance!
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    What a surprise... new item builds are a disaster...

    Honestly. I really can't stand being told 'we need wards' when wards are out of stock anymore so I play with bots, but they are in desperate need of attention and almost always get forgotten when the game changes.

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    Blood seeker cant create Abyssal blade confirmed. But PA can! I think there is a problem with free slots that the heroes have when they want to create item.

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