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Thread: [Confirmed] Damage Block blocks Cleave damage and The Swarm damage

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    [Confirmed] Damage Block blocks Cleave damage and The Swarm damage

    All 3 Both of them are spell damage, and not attack damage. According to 6.84, Damage Block should not affect physical damage spells.

    Damage Block no longer affects physical spells (previously it affected some physical spells and some not)
    Prove that they are spell damage: The int spell damage amp and aether lens fully affect them, increasing their damage. Octarine Core also lifesteals off of their damage.

    Blade Mail
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    Shouldn't block Blade Mail's Return imo, but The Swarm can be discussed since the Beetles attack their target (with normal physical attacks), though they maybe should not count as spell damage (so they don't get their damage increased by Aether Lens and don't heal Weaver with Octarine Core).

    And the reason why I wouldn't like Cleave to not be affected by Dámage Block is that's the only way to counter Cleave and it would be a shame to remove it.

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