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Thread: [BUG] -heapsize 2097152 breaks my ingame sound!

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    [BUG] -heapsize 2097152 breaks my ingame sound!

    This command breaks my ingame sound. Once removed from launch options, sound resumes

    Repro Steps:
    1. enter -heapsize 2097152
    2. open dota 2

    Loses sound/Regains sound

    Expected Result:
    This seems weird as a lot of people are able to optimize their games using launch options. I currently use -novid -high
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    256MB RAM -heapsize 65536
    512MB RAM -heapsize 262144
    768MB RAM -heapsize 327680
    1024MB RAM -heapsize 524288
    1536MB RAM -heapsize 786432
    2048MB RAM -heapsize 1048576
    3072MB RAM -heapsize 1572864
    4096MB RAM -heapsize 2097152

    But remember, that heapsize could mess ur game up, and crash it eventually.
    tl;dr If you use a Heapsize over 2GB it will mess ur Game up.
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