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Thread: What to do against intentional feeders?

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    Exclamation What to do against intentional feeders?

    Hello, i really don't like writing these things on forums, but i just had enough.

    I feel that there needs to be some sort of during-the-game punishment for intentional feeders.

    I just finished a match were i was helpless because the captain of my team decided to feed just because he couldn't pick Mirana.

    here is the steam id of the player
    and here is the match id: 2349772098

    level one: he goes dies to the mid tower.
    revives does it again. after 7 deaths to enemy heroes he decides to farm jungle.

    There needs to be a way that should either prevent players like these from affecting the MMR.

    A voting system, that makes the feeding player take all the mmr loss for the game if he is reported by the whole team.

    Or a vote to kick a player after a certain amount of deaths/actions/reports.

    I dont think that what i propose is ideal. but there is nothing that punishes players like these. They only lose 25 mmr along with the team, but that is their goal, therefore it is encouraged.

    Please implement tools, or punishment methods to either prevent or stop these kind of actions.

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    Nothing! If this was normal game you wouldn't even need to ask, but since this is dota2 run by Valve... there is nothing we can do about it.

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    Yea devs pretty much ignore the community so don't bother,you can go to the matchmaking feedback and try to help improve the game,but that thread has thousands upon thousands of people like you saying pretty much the same thing and nothing really happens.
    The best advice i can give you,is don't bother and try to ignore shit like this,even though it happens in 5/10 games.

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    They only listen to reddit because it's in the public. Just spam their email boxes and this fourms.

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