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Thread: More Easter Eggs and References lines

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    please no skyrim meme.. im sick of it

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    The amount of TF2 references needs to be reduced extremely heavily.

    Juggernaut and PL need to make a FF7/FF10 reference, respectively

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enai Siaion View Post
    Juggernaut spin kills Omniknight: DEMACIAAAAA!
    Juggernaut spin kills Skeleton King: BONE STORM!
    Razor buyback: Power overwhelming!
    Venomancer kill: Looking for Baal?
    QoP buyback: Class 12 psionic waveform detected. The Queen is inbound.
    Silencer kills silenced enemy: C-C-C-COMBOBREAKER.
    Using Helm of the Dominator: ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL.
    Ogre Magi gets a kill off a triple cast: Too bad!
    Windrunner gets a kill with Power Shot: So you were an adventurer... go on.
    Puck kills Troll Warlord: Trollphase!
    Skeleton King game start: The warmth of life has entered my tomb...
    Nevermore reaches 30 stacks: Tactical nuke ready for launch.

    Starcraft 1
    Diablo 2
    Starcraft 2
    Killer Instinct (old meme)
    Mass Effect
    Standard meme
    Diablo 1
    CoD (killstreak reward)
    Excuse the political incorrectness, but this is the most retarded thing I have yet to see on these forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandamann View Post
    Juggernaut and PL need to make a FF7/FF10 reference, respectively
    PL: Azwraith will rend you asunder!

    I, for one, welcome our new Russian overlords.

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    oh god, please, dont use LoL voice lines, I beg you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xorti View Post
    If Kunkka scores a Rampage mabye, because codeing in to say something while running away with low hp, might be hard to code in. And who should hear it then?
    And Clinkz should probalby quote "Clinkz" Eastwood, if it was anyone.
    While I love this idea, in the end, it'll only help Zeus/Spectre players due to their global ults which can kill people.
    Imagine hearing this as a Zeus and there is no teamfight happening; You'll think "Hey, someone's probably low health while jungling, better use my ult!"

    ...okay, maybe i'm overexagerating, but it is still influent onto the metagame.

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