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Thread: BUG BOUNTY: Missing body parts bug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by w'll View Post
    OK, so I think i've cracked it - most details will be in the IM to Green marine, it's not easy to do and considering how my pc is behaving I don't want people to break theirs over this.

    Also discovered ultimate butterfly mode. <<

    All images screenshots taken today.

    Well done!

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    I understand. When connection is terminated and in the right top corner message: Connection terminated... bla bla bla. Autoconnection ...

    After that there are a lot of visual glitches like this:

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    This bounty is now closed. W'll has provided new information that gives me a 100% repro case in my test environment. He will receive 2 more dota keys for this (succeeding twice for two major bugs that have been plaguing us, great job w'll!)

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