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Thread: 30+ minute queues

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    30+ minute queues

    Hello Valve,

    So, me and my friend are trying to play dota2 together, but it is getting unbearable as we are facing 30 + queues EVERY time we are looking for a ranked game. We normally play during Australian prime time so should not be an issue, if I queue by myself I have a 2-4 minute queue at max! His mmr is 1850 and mine is 3450 could this be the reason it is taking so long?

    At the moment it is pretty heart breaking as we are spending several hours just waiting for a game to pop up. It kind of defeats the purpose to play this game with a friend.

    I am not sure how your matchmaking system works but there is clearly something wrong, please tell me if it has to do anything with our MMR differences or anything else.


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    well its kinda silly now really, matchfinding search with 2 criteria i think. average mmr first then highest mmr in party. the system will look for another party with 3450 and average (1850+3450)/2 = 2650 average mmr. The longer you wait the greater the difference they'll allow for highest mmr in party then average mmr.

    if you look in sea server you'll probably find in 4 minute?

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