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Thread: A new statue bug by using kinetic gem

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    A new statue bug by using kinetic gem

    Hi there.
    With international battle pass I got block to create a statue.
    I choose crystal maiden as a hero and put some items. One of them with kinetic gem "Impatience maiden".
    You know, cm stand with it in cool pose. So I said myself that it's the best, and choose some animation like "run", and scroll animation to the right. And I saw that she stand it that cool pose.
    So I create a new statue.
    Imagine my disappointment, when I see that statue in the game at STANDART pose without gem's effect.
    What the hell? If I see one pose of hero when make a statue and press create, so I WANT see the same pose in game.
    It is very sad. Thanks, damn...

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