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Thread: Ranked game doesn't count after the match.

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    Angry Ranked game doesn't count after the match.

    I got this TWO time and this time im furious. Valve u should give me justice. Just now after a ranked game which i won (obviously that's why im so mad), when i log out of the game i look like i left the game and there's buttons asking me to reconnect or leave game ( safe to leave ). When i hit reconnect it says "the server was unable to locate the game session dota 2". It hurts so much that i have to hit leave game to be able to find new match. And guess what, the game never exist in my feed. Why wouldn't this happen to me when I lose? Why? Why? Why? I demand justice

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    same fucking problem here Annoying 2 games in lp doesn't count like im wasting time and still at lp ... i think it's the time to leave dot4ever no1 will help u here and no 1 will help u thiere u will keep playing till the problem gone by it self ... I wish you luck

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    Wasn't ranked, but I've just had a cracking game, and upon leaving at the end, there's the same reconnect or leave options. Reconnect doesn't return you to the game, because the game is over. Not as bad as ranked, but it should have got me some progress on my all hero challenge.

    Edit: To be clear, the game isn't in recent games and doesn't seem to count.

    Double edit: The servers must have caught up. The game now appears to have been tracked!
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