I've been occasionally guilty of stealing courier mid-flight by accident. I just press, 'c,e,d,f' real quick out of muscle memory and that sends the flying courier zipping towards me and sometimes I forget to check whether it was already in use. I also have had it stolen from me quite a few times.

Given that communication in pubs isn't awesome, it'd be great if there was a better way to prevent this. Perhaps if courier was already under a 'deliver to hero' command, you'd get some sort of warning if you tried to take control of it, so that you have to steal the courier on purpose? Or the little courier status button at the bottom of the screen could be bright green if courier is at the fountain and red/yellow if it's out an about? I dunno, something of that sort would be nice.

And yes, I realize that comms would solve this problem but let's be realistic here. I've been on several teams where players don't communicate or even speak the same languages so I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for some alternative for pup matches since they make up the majority of games.