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Thread: [Suggestion] Go-to-Wiki button.

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    [Suggestion] Go-to-Wiki button.

    Hope to add a button for players to go quickly like the forum button we had now. And also hope it could present the site directly in the game, instead of open community-tab.

    *edit: As suggested, this could put in the 'learn' tab.
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    If it goes anywhere it would be to, not a third part site like I think a lot of that type of material should be on the Learn/Tutorials info once it gets buffed up.

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    Would be a serious help on the learn page. Of course there are more important thing to do. But I guess they put these suggestions on a note-it and let it stay there for it's day

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    I think they are working on in-game wiki/tutorials, but add a go to button is good for new gamers

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