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Thread: Advanced Linken's suggestion @ Valve Devs!

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    Advanced Linken's suggestion @ Valve Devs!

    Alright so I have another imho interesting idea @ Valve Devs. I had some good contributions in the past (f. e. I gave you an Idea how to fix that "ultimate goes off before blink dagger jump" more or less and I havent had issues after they fixed it and havent seen other ppl mess up their ults before blink dagger jump ever since or anyone complaining about it.

    Ok so heres the idea to add an advanced function to the Linkens Sphere for another big patch:

    Make so that you can place a Linkens charge on the enemy hero!

    Detailed description: when you place a linkens sphere charge on an enemy hero, it will block 1 targetable buff from allied heroes like: Force Staff, Glimmer Cape, Winter Wyverns heal, Oracles heal, allied Linkens Sphere charge, Weavers Aghanims ultimate on a teammate, etc.

    Basically it would give Linkens more variety, a more offensive ability rather than beeing defensive only.

    The benefit would be a more strategic plays, for example when a team smokes up and finds an enemy hero and jumps it, they could place a linkens charge on the enemy hero for example to prevent the Winter Wyvern to use heal on it and save it. Ofcourse, if WW has Glimmer Cape or Force Staff, it could break the enemy Linkens Charge and THEN heal the allied hero. But at least Linkens would block ONE targetable buff from enemy's teammates.

    Again, this advanced Linkens Mechanic would allow for some more strategic and entertaining plays and a well timed and wise use of it, could secure a kill on an enemy hero, that would otherwise get Force Staffed out of the danger zone or glimmer caped etc. Also you would be able to break an enemys Linkens Spell protection by your own linkens!

    Visual detail: once you place a Linkens Charge on an enemy hero, it will have a red ball surrounding it (instead of blue when you have an ally place a Linkens charge on you).

    As allways- Im not interested in other users oppinions on this subject, my only goal is to give the Valve Devs some ideas, which can IMO improve the game, give it a little more strategic depth and allow for more entertaining fights. If 1 or 2 devs read this and give this idea a thought or two- the purpose of this topic is fulfilled.

    Im not gonna discuss with morons/trolls etc.

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    It would be too annoying tbh. Certain supports could suffer a lot from this. Imo Linken is pretty good item already and doesnt need more changes.
    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:

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    What supports? WW, Dazzle and oracle? I dont see any other supports suffer from it than those 3, who just press 1 button to save a hero. With this change they would just need a force staff to break the linkens and then heal/save the teammate. I would expect that pro players can press 2 buttons (assuming they play with quick cast).

    Whats lame is when a team can double force staff their gyro copter back, although it got jumped by 20 enemy heroes. And then gyro still survives...

    With the suggested change, they would only be able to force staff gyro once. (Im not hating gyro, just an example).

    To be honest in most fights, the linkens would be triggered on the hero who has it, so most of the time they wouldnt be able to put it on the enemy. The main advantage would be on smoke ganks.

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    For example, Ogre Magi bloodlust, Venge swap, Shadow Demon Disruption, Warlocks Shadow World heal, etc. Basically many heroes would get huge indirect nerf, because they would've to buy already pretty expensive (for a supports) Force Staff which they have to use to break Linkens instead of using it in defensive way. On top of that, until they get Force Staff they would be nearly useless.

    Im not against the mechanic itself, but im against placing it on an item that anyone can buy. This would simply give too much utiliy to heroes which shouldnt have it.
    Read this if you want to know why so many games is very one sided:

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    Well the supports could also break it with Medalion which costs 1k or Urn Shadow charge, which costs 875. The important thing about the suggestion is not to reduce the ammount of times how often a support can save a teammate but rather to take more than just 1 press of a button to completely nullify a smoke gank, where 5 heroes ran across the whole map to finally find an enemy hero and then WW or Dazzle, just presses 1 button and completely makes the whole smoke effort useless. Like 5 ppl run 30 seconds across the whole map and then 1 button makes their effort completely useless. Time is wasted, smoke item is wasted, just slows the game down unnecessarily. Given how rarely Linkens is bought anyways, this change wille barely make a huge impact, BUT will allow for some intersting gank attempts.
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