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Thread: Ancient Apparition's Ice Blast Tracer Sphere vs height

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    Ancient Apparition's Ice Blast Tracer Sphere vs height


    I'm not entirely sure if this would count as a visual glitch, but due to the way that AA's ultimate's tracer marking (first shot) is handled (apparently a sphere of varying radius created at the same height as AA's firing location), it leads to strange appearances when the target is different in height from the firing location.

    When shot from same height as target, it forms a semi-sphere.

    When shot from a higher height, it forms a more fuller sphere.

    When shot from a lower height, you can barely see the radius of the sphere, depending on how large the radius is.

    I don't think this affects the AOE of the 2nd shot, though.

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    Oh, you're talking about terrain elevation!

    For a minute I thought you meant camera height.

    Nice find!

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