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Thread: Phoenix's Sun Ray Not Visible

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    Phoenix's Sun Ray Not Visible

    Cross-post from Reddit; since posting this, I tried doing a reinstall of Dota, which didn't change.

    For whatever reason, the main body of Phoenix's Sun Ray is invisible to me, with or without the immortal equipped. Other people in-game say it appears fine to them. I checked the console while toggling the beam on and off in the demo mode, and nothing noteworthy showed up.

    I've verified my game cache, but nothing changed. My graphics card is one of those Intel HD 4000 integrated chips. I checked with Dell to make sure my drivers are up to date. Any idea of what the issue migt be?

    Phoenix bug.jpg

    This happens at all graphic settings. The particle effects for damage/healing on units affected by Sun Ray are still present. Equipping the immortal gives the end point "burn" of the beam the proper red tint, but otherwise the main visual effect is still absent.

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    me too skill pheonix sun ray kunkka X mark pudge hook spectre dagger i cant see it, this is bug or something ?
    me intel HD graphic 2500

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