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Thread: [I18N] In-game activity feed does not display Unicode characters properly

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    Post [I18N] In-game activity feed does not display Unicode characters properly

    First, I have to apologize. Because this is some kind of "UI Issue" and I was not able to find the appropriate forum category for this. So if I need to open it in another forum, please let me know. Otherwise, here is my issue:


    As you can see the above attached screenshot, the main screen has some kind of "Activity feed" on the right side. However, it does not bring through the accentuated characters properly from Steam Translation Server (STS). Some of the wrong words are marked with a red circle. On the left/top I also pasted the original strings taken from STS, marked the correct words with green. So, most of the characters (á, é, ö...) is missing.

    You should also note that the posts itself does not miss the special characters, but the translated strings do.

    edit: the dates below the posts are also missing the characters with accents.. so May 15th should be translated to "május 15", not "mjus 15"
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