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Thread: Killstreak Announcer Needs To Be Changed

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    Nope, current sounds are plain epic

    Reminds me of Quake...

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    won't change UT killstreak announcer ever. But sure you can buy alternatives later.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swordz View Post
    Announcers are client side
    Kill streaks are global
    really? that means if someone has a shitty killstreak announcer pack like the default one from hon installed, I have to listen to that shitty excuse of a streak announcement?
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    There are apparently mixed opinions here. I personally prefer the current anouncer-voice.
    Let's start a vote!

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    It just needs to be more clear and increase it's current sound quality.

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    I love how everyone with a lot of posts love the old announcer, while everyone without a lot of posts hate it. The kill streak announcer is from a game from 1999, and "so-and-so pwned so-and-so's head" is incredibly unprofessional.

    Best scenario: "pwned" is done away entirely, and the Unreal announcer is replaced by a better-recorded replacement that says all the same things, and fits the game's style better. Then, put the Unreal announcer in the store for free, drawing more people into the store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cornpops View Post
    would be interesting if heroes called out their killstreaks

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    I've never seen "pwned" in the last few years, wouldn't mind if it gets changed

    Do NOT change the UT announcer unless you can get him for free

    I would like to test the idea of heroes announcing on their own, sounds very interesting

    And no, no fucking female voice, this is fucking DotA
    We need a fucking MAN with BALLS OF STEEL 'n stuff
    Someone like Hitoshi Nakata

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    off-topic: i would like to hear the "team killer" sound when you deny someone :d and maybe a better "rampage" sound because "ultra kill" is waaay better than it. Something like a stutter effect on rampage or other fx.

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    Just hire the guy who did the announcements and re-record them at a better quality. And make rampage sound more epic than ultra kill.


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