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Thread: Some heroes don't have any reference to their real name in either lore or flavor text

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claus_ View Post
    Oh God that is a terrible idea, have you said that name out loud?
    Couple that with the fact Anti-Mage has a bit darker skin that could be a very tragic PR situation

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    I vote for Magina

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    His "Turstarkuri" Monastery back story (try saying that 10 times really fast) definitely adheres towards some sort of Persian or Sanskrit naming convention. It makes sense that his given birth name should reflect upon that, and not necessarily or obviously connote the use of magic (or lack thereof). Though, as had been said before, it makes no sense that his name should connote "Anti-mage" prior to the incident that made him don that epithet anyway.
    One issue I do find with this whole ordeal lies with the fact that DotA 2 aims to keep most of its traditional elements from DotA 1 the same. Why hassle over something trivial like a name that sounds like "vagina"? Pronounce it like "Magi-nah" and you're fine.

    "Magi-nuh" sounds like the intended way to say it anyway, as you have that pseudo "magic" sound coming out, with what sounds like a quick negation at the end.

    On a sidenote, I think a name like "Myjina", "Myjista" or "Myjahri" kinda suits him? Just a thought. It's a name that retains a feel of the original, whilst making it more sexually ambigious.
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