Replays will be unavailable for games played on servers in the Southeast Asia matchmaking region, specifically servers in Singapore, Shanghai and Malaysia. We apologize for their unavailability and hope to have them recording and available again soon.

Replays played in Europe, US West, US East and Hong Kong are fully available. Please note that games with bots are not recorded.

As recently mentioned in the blog, the upcoming Test release changes the replay format. Once the test version moves to the released version of Dota 2 all existing replays to be unable to be played. Please render your existing replays to video if you wish to keep important moments. You can use programs such as Fraps to record replays, or you can record them to video using the Source engine itself as documented here,

We will soon be releasing more information about the features the new replay format will bring and we plan to publish the format of the replay files so that third parties can parse them for game information.