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Thread: Shop Bugs

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    Shop Bugs

    Here is some info on shop bugs that I am having:

    My "quickbuy" option shows Scroll of Town Portal, however when I right click it, it purchases a full magic wand (Ironwood, magic stick, recipe)
    I cannot search for town portal in shop (doesn't show up) - Instead magic wand shows up
    I cannot search for observer wards in shop (doesn't show up) - What does show up is when I type ward I see Cheese, and Talisman of Evasion... When I try to purchase cheese (1000 gold) it makes the purchase sound but doesn't do anything.

    I'm going to attach some screenshots so you guys can make better sense of this. The shop is just all around fucked up.

    Attachments on forum doesn't work. I made an album on photobucket you can look through.

    Submitting this bug report made my team rage so I hope it was worth it.

    Edit: This only happened in my first and only game I have played today. I will look into further games and report back.
    ID: 5071746

    Fixed... Any reason this happens?
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    It is already known and not a tooltip issue.

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