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Thread: [WIP] Visual Glitches collection thread

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    [WIP] Visual Glitches collection thread

    This thread should help the Valve employees find issues to fix.
    If you post anything new, it would be nice if you could message me about it.

    To keep it clear, I made a post for each subitem and linked them.

    If you have any suggestions for improvement, please message me.

    I just started working on this, so it is far from complete. Will add stuff whenever I have time.

    UI-related issues
    Anything with the User Interface, both ingame and in the menu, as well as text stuff (no typos though)

    World-related issues
    Terrain, critters, trees etc.

    Generic issues
    General stuff that happens with everything

    Unit-related issues
    Glitches caused by/affecting units in general rather than specific units

    Hero-specific issues
    Issues that only occur with a specific hero

    Item-related issues
    Any issues caused by items

    Creep-specific issues
    Issues that only occur with a specific creep

    Projectile-related issues
    Issues that only occur with projectiles, but are not unique to a certain hero/unit
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