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Thread: We really need stats now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ranaki View Post
    People like you shouldn't be in the dev forums.
    I am trying to get to an agreement or solution that suits most people, including myself.

    There are obviously people that want stats as much as people who don't want them. Either decision would ruin the game for a part of the community.

    The reason why my statements are different from 2 pages ago is because I am trying to get to an understanding, which works with compromising with each other. Something you obviously fail to do and therefore you shouldn't be in the dev forums.
    Either you discuss this without making groundless statements or trying to spin off the discussion, or you go away.

    In conclusion of what I wrote so you you may understand it due it seems like you have a bit poor understanding:
    I am not a hypocrite, I am trying to come to an compromise or solution between the two "sides" of this thread.
    My own beliefs are still that stats should be public for everyone. Unlike you, I am trying to bring this discussion forward.

    What if there were two different matchmakings then?
    One with stats, one without.

    The one without would work the same way as the current mm system.
    The one with stats would be the same, just that all information about every player should be displayed for each other.

    The community is huge enough, so it won't affect the queue time too much.
    This would mean that people like me would be playing with all other tryhards, while the mm with hidden stats will be more like "play for fun", which is what almost all that are against stats want as far as I understand it.

    In addition to this, there should be other game modes, like midwars and easy mode. Maybe even a way to play custom game maps
    ye i can only repeat myself
    hypocrates rock

    u dont have any opinion at all but since u can change it every page pretending that its ur opinion u can at least keep posting

    im not sure what u mean by u seek an understanding when u write hurr durr every time i play solo qq i have at least 70% win!!! explain it to me

    ???????? i never said that, sry i dont have 70% win i dont know what u mean, you troll

    yes i understand ur compromise... at least you dont realize that your a hyprocrite which makes it kind of funny to read ur excuses
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    Quote Originally Posted by CountJigglesworth View Post
    To play Devil's Advocate:

    How much sense does it make to track personal stats/rankings in a team game in non-league matches?
    I have 1200 dota2 games and the game wouldn't make any sense to me if there is no ranking system. Nothing to stimulate me to play more, because that's just a part of my human nature - to compete with other human beings. Even if there is no ranking system i would continue to play the game for a certain period of time, but that would fade away, since there is just no point.

    That's how most of the people think.

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    Considering, Trem, that your entire from pages is nothing but Axe losses, the best way to keep it interesting would be to play to get better, not play to measure your epeen.
    You come off as very young and very angry. This is not a good way to sway people in your favor, though you are not so much debating as you are insulting.
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    Yea, but why should i play better and improve when there is no competition ?

    You're trying to ruin the psychological aspect of the "sport". For example lets take soccer. You think that people care so much about 20 people running after a ball ? No, the interesting part is the competition. How you associate yourself with a team and you compete against other people / nations. who associate with the enemy team. And when you watch it on tv, you experience a portion of their triumph or loose. That is the exciting part about the game.

    I'm simple minded person, that is how i was born. I don't care for improvement if there is no competition, that's just part of my human nature. Personally if there is no ranking system i'll stop playing this game eventually, mainly because of that. You might have some arguments, but the mass of people don't think like you .... they think like me. If you take the competition out of the game - the game is dead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ymi2gr84u View Post
    To the opponents of the idea of ranking system, let me ask you a very simple question:
    If there is no ranking system, why don't we just make it a "children basketball" type of game ?
    After the game both the teams are considered winners. You remove the thrones in the radiant and dire bases and after constant period of time, all players receive the message "You win".
    I'm sorry, but saying "we shouldn't display KDR because it results in flaming" has nothing to do with "let's remove all the thrones and make everyone win". That's a complete strawman argument.

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    If you want stats then just go to, incorporating them in game will just ruin the experience and will instigate rage and greed..

    Stats won't make the community any better, it will deter experimentation on certain builds and strategies among heroes..
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    why did you direct your post at me? i am against k:d/r as well

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    The fact that this thread has 100+ PAGES astounds me. What could possible be said at this point that has not been said. Yet here I am to say something simple that has been stated already and yet can not be over stated.
    Dota2 is a TEAM based game. And in a team your role means more then your KD or CS. In certain other games stats were recorded and in all honesty it actually hindered me becoming a better player. I was more worried about making my stats look good then I was about winning and that is exactly what will happen to the average man. Winning with an 0-20 kd is by far more skillful then losing with a 20-0 kd. Learning that is important. And the best way to learn that, is to leave all stats except Win/Loss out of the game. If you honestly don't feel like playing anymore because you can't check out your KDR e-peen, then maybe this is not the game for you.

    What this game DOES need instead of stats however, is a much, MUCH better match making system. The current one is terrible. I have over 600 games played and yet somehow I get people who have never played sand king before on my team... Then on the other team is 5 people with 300 games played. Please valve introduce some sort of personal and team MMR systems because the best way to improve is to play with people slightly above your skill level. And for that I would not mind playing every other game with people slightly below my skill level.

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    Yea, but you're missing the whole picture. Why should i play more, improve and get better when in this game there is only competition on the pro levels?

    Stats won't make the community any better
    You are right, it wont make the community any better, but if there is no ranking system - the community would get destroyed, because the competition is in the human nature. And here is my elaboration why:
    You're seeing a constant online user activity between 40k and 60k people and you're thinking "this community would be a lot better if there was no ranking implemented", but you're forgetting that these people realize that this is a beta and have expectations of potential ranking system. If the majority of these people tomorrow hear that there will be no ranking system, a huge interest portion towards the game would fade away over a small period of time. There is no competition -> there is no point of improving, and eventually - playing.

    I'm typical example of a user who plays a lot and will quit eventually if there is no ranking system, with that being the main reason. I can assure you that most of the other users think exactly like me.

    What you're witnessing now is a temporary community stage and if implementing a ranking system would be a little counterproductive, the lack of one would be - enormously destructive
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    Take a look at HoN.

    Now go sit in a corner and think about what you've just proposed.

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